Hi everyone - first of all, let me get a few things out of the way.

This is an unpaid review. I guess this goes without saying, but this is an honest review! I had to cough out cash to buy these. I bought the Rose Petal one off a group on Facebook selling pre-loved authentic makeup and skincare products, and then the other two from Hermo ( with quite an impressive price tag (about RM90 plus for two big bottles).

My skin type information for bench-marking purposes. I am Oriental Asian with no skin conditions or problems. I have combination skin type which gets oily in my forehead and nose in the evening. Uneven skin tone and small pimples but no acne, but generally smooth with no wrinkles.

Things this review will not contain. I will not be copy-pasting list of ingredients or other things that can be easily Googled. This review will be based on personal experience. I will only add one photo - just to show readers that this is exactly the product I am talking about.

**These mists are makeup-friendly, 100% vegan and FOREVER AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING (plus point for me, always).


When I was first introduced to this line of face mists in The Body Shop outlet, I was already in the face mist phase - so it was a pretty easy sell. Price tag was good for a product from them and for face mists in general - and this particular mattifying one really caught my attention as I do get really oily skin at the end of the day.

You need to shake it before use to get all the powder residue into the mist that you will distribute evenly on your face.

The smell is good, and the minty feeling is refreshing. I focus the mist on my nose and forehead, and usually pat it with my hands to help get the powder absorbed into my skin, which I feel defeats the purpose of a face mist (for me, it is to help me touch my face less). The spray does seem to get too much uneven droplets onto my face, so I have to aim from quite far and judge the mist and then go forward into it. (It's a whole spectacle.) I have no idea if the spray is the same for all the mint ones, because the other two gives out better, finer mists. It also could be random, as The Body Shop uses recycled items to help the environment, so maybe quality of the hardware is less standardized.

Summary: Refreshing scent and sensation. It does not have a dramatic mattifying effect, but I know it has because the mist gets into my front hair sometimes, and it gives it the dry shampoo effect. Actually, I believe this face mist makes a really good and weightless dry shampoo. It does dry out around my nose and lips a bit - you know that itchy tight feeling, so I try to tuck my lips in (you know what I mean) when I am spraying, and focus on the top of my face.


Ok I really liked the smell, and the smoothing benefit quite tickled my fancy. Plus, the first time I was around, they did not have the strawberry one, so it was new. I hardly wear foundation but I would like my skin to be more even so of course, this would be a great end to my minimal makeup routine before I leave the house - eyebrow mascara, mascara, lip and cheek tint, and some concealer.

Summary: Smells great, gently smooths out my skin, hydrates my skin (I also dislike wearing moisturizer). I think its great for people like me who light bare skin as much as possible but don't want to look like shit.


This one is marketed towards those with dry skin. I do not have dry skin, but I do need to moisturize, regardless. I usually use the aloe vera gel spray by Nature's Republic that costs like RM18 (so cheap) - but its does not keep my skin moisturized for long, definitely more of a refresher or after-sun care. This will replace my moisturizer (did I also mention I dislike touching my face, also dislike others touching my face) and a boost for air-conditioner skin.

Summary: Smells like coconut but with a synthetic plastic-ky tinge but still reasonably good, replaces my moisturizer for hot days which is great! To be honest, I think this and the strawberry one could replace each other, but definitely not the mint one as it can feel drying.