Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Toner Review - MALAYSIA

Hi everyone - first of all, let me get a few things out of the way.

This is an unpaid review. I guess this goes without saying, but this is an honest review! I had to cough out cash to buy these. I bought the Rose Petal one off a group on Facebook selling pre-loved authentic makeup and skincare products, and then the other two from Hermo ( with quite an impressive price tag (about RM90 plus for two big bottles).

My skin type information for bench-marking purposes. I am Oriental Asian with no skin conditions or problems. I have combination skin type which gets oily in my forehead and nose in the evening. Uneven skin tone and small pimples but no acne, but generally smooth with no wrinkles.

Things this review will not contain. I will not be copy-pasting list of ingredients or other things that can be easily Googled. This review will be based on personal experience. I will only add one photo - just to show readers that this is exactly the product I am talking about.

Image is from - but obviously did not buy these 'flavours'

1. Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Alcohol-Free Toner Rose Petals 

So, I first came to know about Thayers toners via many listicle skin care articles claiming the rose petal toner to be their "holy grail". Understandably, you can see how that could result in a truly underwhelming experience. To be fair, most who love it has acne or some other sort of skin condition - and I know that in general; rose essence, witch hazel and aloe vera is really good for skin conditions.

- Keep my skin fresh - not oily, yet supple, as in not drying
- I turned rosy-ish
- Really, really good toner - skins feel good after using it
- Organic and cruelty-free

- I did not like the rose smell on this one, not sure how to describe it and not sure if I got a good batch since I bought it off someone who had used up half
- Did not live up to my expectations (based on internet reviews)
- Did not become my holy grail

Summary: I guess someone with problem skin would really reap the benefits off this toner - I say it is good and better than a lot of toners I have used - but I won't repurchase it as I feel the other toners by Thayers may be more beneficial for my skin type. 

2. Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Astringent Lemon 

I get pretty oily at the end of a work day - and I thought to use this at night (I read somewhere that lemon can attract sun to your skin so I won't use it in the morning). This is also great for body such as inner thigh pimples and inflamed hair follicles; and also for naturally lightening skin. The difference of this toner to the other two I bought is that is marketed as an astringent (by definition, something that contracts skin cells).

- Love the smell - so refreshing (I inhale the drenched cotton squares first before applying to my face)
- Helps to dry up the zits and bumps 
- My face is squeaky clean after
- Organic and cruelty-free

- I don't notice any brightening effect at all - which is good I guess, means its natural
- Quite drying around the center of my face - tight feeling after using especially around my nose

Summary: Love this on hotter days or when I get oily - love that I can use it on problem areas of my body too. Best to follow up with a light moisturizer even for oily skin.

3. Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Alcohol-Free Toner Coconut Water

Ok hands down this is my fave because of the heavenly, beachy vacation SCENT in a bottle! Benefits-wise, it works like the rose one to me, with the right balance of hydration and oil control.

- It makes me feel like a sexy beach babe goddess!
- Hydrates well - I don't even need to use moisturizer after
- Clear and fresh looking skin
- Organic and cruelty-free

- It doesn't do anything specific to fix anything - but just make the skin better on the overall (if you can call that a con).

Summary: I guess the scent wins on this one - it is just a good toner, with the right balance of hydration, but the scent is what brought me to heaven.


Well, to end this review, I would say that I would love to try each and every toner from Thayers - but RM40-50 per bottle that large is economical but not practical for testing out. It looks like on their website that they have started selling travel sized bottles and also face mists (which is the same stuff but in a spray bottle - which I DIY-ed for the rose toner but felt like I still needed to pat it down with a cotton pad to get the effect I want). But I have not spotted the smaller sized bottles in Malaysia yet. If anyone knows, do let me know where to get it!

Cruelty-free is also a biggie for me. I have lately become more capable to act on my awareness of this issue, as cruelty-free brands are pricier than others, so one step at a time (I have also cut down on buying meat - but this will be another whole issue for another post!)