I Have Worked Over 10 Vastly Different Jobs In My Life

This is a list to remind myself what a full life I have led. I have worked in various fields: medical, retail, F&B, entertainment, art. I was always finding myself, blending and molding into the environment as needed.

Salesperson at G2000
First job ever after Form 5 and severely underpaid. It was a taste of freedom though.

Occupational Therapist
I studied 3 years for my diploma and worked 4 years in a private medical centre. I think this was probably quite a tough way to enter into a career. Felt lost most of the time. I think if I was in my 30s then, I would have been more confident.

Freelance Makeup Artist
YouTube-taught. From zero to doing makeup for Zee Avi - twice!

Freelance Singer 
Best years of my life! In Kuching, it was like getting paid to party! Now in KL, it feels more like "I came here to die." lol

Business Development Manager / Grooming Workshop Speaker / Perfume Specialist
Cool job as I love perfumes and makeup! Awesome lady boss!

Entrepreneurship: Eva Monte (Crafts Facebook Business)
Paired up with a business student, as started this humble business. This was my first taste of online business, and it was pretty awesome while it lasted!

Waitress at Jambu (fine-dining and bar)
Serving high-end customers and beer - cool place and cool boss too.

Freelance Writer for Borneo Post Online & Zilzar
This was pretty awesome - was blessed to have an editor that gave me the freedom to write whatever I wanted.

Salesperson at NICA Makeup
Selling makeup and learning from the actual pros - best part was living above the Fahrenheit88 Mall in Bukit Bintang. The full on Kuala Lumpur experience!

Massage therapist at ALIVE
Hands-on massaging people, while learning Chinese Traditional Medicine. I guess I was healthier while working here - and learning a lot about Chinese cultures.

Cat nanny and barista at Cat Cafe 
Dare I say it? This was the best job ever despite the pay being shit - I got to take care of a bunch of cats while learning to make cafe level coffee.

Mis Claire (Warehouse Operation / Copywriting / Customer Service)
This is my life now - plus size fashion industry in Malaysia - this online retail thing has taught me a lot of things about online business culture - I love that I can keep learning new stuff.