Ocean's 8 Sucked So Bad (#spoilers but nothing to spoil really)

So much anticipation ended up in a huge let down. A gleaming cast of old and new favourites, and queens in their own field - but none shone at all in the movie.

Image credit: movieweb.com

Why it sucked:

1. This is like all other Sandra Bullock movies - a comedic version of a potentally intelligent movie. And the jokes are old and full of cliches.

2. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter are fucking legendary actresses - and here they just seem like they are just hanging out giving no effort to roles that frankly do not require effort.

3. Rihanna is cool at ALL other times but cliche A.F. in this movie.

4. The comedians could have been funnier.

5. I'm just watching beautiful women do very mildly interesting things.

6. Apparently, nothing really happens in the movie.

Some ok points:

1. Sandra Bullock's hair, daym!

2. Her first-day-out-of-prison scamming.

IN SUMMARY - this is an over-glorified chick flick riding on the tail coat of a successful series, targeting superficial feminists and using the fames of their female casts instead of their actual talents. It is like an all-girl slumber party and Rihanna said she would swing by.

And that's it. Tried soooo hard to stay awake.

Side note: It did not help that the whole cinema was full of easily-amused people; oohs and aahs and cued laughter at every predictable punch line - it is no wonder Hollywood continues to produce these easy money-making movies.