'Quitting Facebook is Like Passive-Aggressively Telling People To STFU' and other Anti-Summaries of (My) Quitting Facebook

I can't deny Facebook is life for most, including myself at a point in my life when I actually cared for my social image. I believe it is a way to network, to be in touch with people, to get called for jobs and to run some businesses (which I did) merely because of the quantity of people on there, and not the quality.

But this is not some yippity-yappity post, so let's cut to the chase.

Quitting Facebook is frees up maybe 30% of my day.

I aimlessly scrolled my newsfeed when I have some free time. I have decided now to read articles and also all the e-books that I have illegally downloaded but have not read, and to write more during my free time. Same for mobile game apps and small talk on chatting apps.

I have learnt that emojis in multiple successions convey an air of excitement that is not entirely dismissive, when there is an absence of words.

Quitting Facebook is like walking out from a talk that I did not even sign up for.

It is like they brought the whole event to me. Health talks, politics, multilevel marketing, promoting some shit, selling some iffy things, etc - and here I am, just walking out on all this.

Quitting Facebook is like shutting up that person in your life.

Everyone has a narcissist or two in their lives who never asks you about you (at least not sincerely while expecting to listen). They cannot shut up about themselves. They push their opinions on you, and their experiences will always top yours. Leaving Facebook is like silencing a whole army of them. Selfies after selfies, rant posts, pseudo-humble posts, bragging posts, people just keep talking and talking about themselves, etc. All that, gone forever!

Quitting Facebook allows me to actually catch up with friends when I catch up with them for real.

Before catch-ups became a time of being in close physical proximity of each other while looking down at our smartphones, people actually had verbal conversations. Remember how it felt like to be surprised and excited about a topic during these meet-ups rather than to already know all this crap from Facebook anyway?

Quitting Facebook is like leaving a party where idiots are talking.

Out of their asses. I'm just listening and rolling my eyes and still trying to respect that everyone has their own opinions but I am also hoping for a course of natural selection to take place real soon. I am getting too fat from eating all the virtual popcorn while reading idiotic comments. People tell me to ignore and don't read that shit, but I can't help it, like when you go see a freak show - you want to look at the weirdos although you really don't want to.

Quitting Facebook is clearing my mind off mental clutter.

Way. Too. Much. Useless. Information.

Quitting Facebook is not worrying about what people think.

I have always maintained that I don't care what people think, but fuck it, I do. And fuck you, everyone does at different levels. Without Facebook, now I can freely do things without the self-imposed responsibility of updating my 2000 "friends" on what I am doing and wonder what they think about it.

Quitting Facebook is also not taking photos for the pure fucking sake of posting.

I used to like taking photos because I like photography. At some point, this love of photography morphed into an absurdity of photo-posting on Facebook where I sometimes feel obliged to post stuff I personally don't like or not to post stuff that I like, just so I won't offend anyone.

Quitting Facebook is so I can stop cringing at pretentious people.

Every Facebook action is made by users with the full knowledge that all eyes are on them. It is social media, and to some level, it is acceptable that people do want to announce some things to their general public sometimes. And to these people, I quite frequently gave them a little thumbs up or sometimes a love.

But then there are some that are just way too vomit-inducing.


Anyway, I am now on Instagram only where I don't need to be friends with anyone and people can follow me if they like, or not if they don't (same simple concept as blogging). The only thing I will miss from Facebook are the cute cat links but Instagram has shitloads of it anyway. Ah, the perfect introvert life.