Black Mirror Season 4 is Loaded With Feminism and Strong Female Characters (Minor Spoilers)

One observation I made after watching all six episodes of Black Mirror Season 4 is that the women are strong as fuck - regardless of whether they are doing the right thing or not. True to its form about modernity as what they portray in terms of technology, it has also kept abreast (excuse the pun) with the modern view of women and the feminism.

1. USS Callister - Nanette who ends up being captain of the ship outsmarted the game coding genius and saved the day - and when told by a colleague that there is no way out and he has tried hacking the system countless times, she responded "I haven't" and went on and got shit done.

2. Arkangel - Marie is a single lioness-type mother with no husband in sight, and her daughter Sara fought for her right to her privacy and to live a normal-ish life.

3. Crocodile - Mia was a weakling who manned the fuck up and worked her way to success and grew a pair of balls to do whatever it takes to survive. She is waif and tiny but manages to gather superhuman strength to carry dead male bodies around and dump them in industrial areas. 

4. Hang The DJ - Amy told it like it is - having gone through countless one night stands and did not feel the need to pretend to be a prude that she isn't. She calls men haircuts. She believed in herself when she found her soulmate and rebelled against the system and went for what she believed in.

5. Metalhead - Bella is an all-round tough badass who just did things out of love. 

6. Black Museum - Nish and her mother - fought for justice until the end.

Btw, I loveddddd Mia and Nish's haircuts!