My WTF Realisations When Re-watching Disney's Classic Animation Peter Pan (1953) As An Adult

This started off - I don't know. Probably from going down a rabbit hole haha (it did start with watching Alice in Wonderland). But now I am here, and I have things to rant about Peter Pan.

(Disclaimer: My boyfriend read this and said I was hating on Peter Pan - not the case at all. I respect it as a great work of art - I'm just pointing out things I missed, watching it as a kid. Ok? Ok, so here we go.)


Peter is sexist and kind of an asshole. When he first appears to Wendy, she was so excited and rambled on (let's cover this later about her talking and not listening) and he said something along the lines of "Wow girls really don't stop talking, do they?" Seems a bit rude, doesn't it - since she helped him keep his shadow safe all this while and offered to sew it back on him; when just minutes before that he fucking tried to use SOAP to attach it back to himself? Pfft.

Peter comes across as a bit girly in a K-pop guy sort of way - not handsome (to each their own) and please remember that he is supposed to be a child. Yet every single female (exclude the adults please) in this film falls for him (some to a dangerous level)? Tinkerbell, Wendy, the mermaids, Tiger Lily. Really?

What's with all the girls hating on each other because of a guy? What happened to chicks before dicks?

So, psycho girls?

Wendy seems a bit... off-ish. She kind of has crazy eyes lol. From her parents' POV, she is talking batshit crazy stuff. Any sane person who knows this will shut up and relate that shit to people who would appreciate it. She's definitely got some form of ADD. She can't seem to focus on her father for more than a second before cutting him off to do some ditzy talk about something else.

Tinkerbell is a savage bitch. Reminds me of someone I used to know - mannerism and looks. LOL. I have always remembered Tinkerbell as a sweet fairy who helps Peter Pan and his friends in every way possible - what was my mind as a kid? Dumb AF. Anyway, Tinks wanted Wendy dead by trying to trick one of the lost boys to shoot her.

Since we are on the subject of murderous bitches - the mermaids also bullied and tried to drown Wendy. Like whoah, what is your problem?

Lost boys, anti-adulting and incompetent mothers?

Peter Pan drags Wendy off to Neverland to be a mother to the children there (whatever the fuck that means), and to him also. I wonder what is Peter's issues with mothers. Maybe their absence? In the beginning of the story, he reveals that he likes to listen to Wendy's tell bedtime stories to her younger brothers like a mother would. So did he have a mother before, or was he born in an alternative way? Honestly, he looks like he came out of a flower. Well, in the 2015 movie Hook, it was portrayed that Peter was left by his mother as a newborn at the front steps of an orphanage. That was a remake, though.

I don't know about you but I felt like Nana the dog was rather symbolic - even the name feels maternal! (I think Nana is only in the animation, not sure about the book, didn't read it.) To be honest, I feel like Wendy and Nana are there to show how incompetent Mrs. Darling is as a mother. Or just to put all incompetent mothers to shame. BTW, does anyone know where I can get an efficient Nana dog? Totally need one.

Talking about mothers - the lost boys can't remember mothers. Like, ok, fair enough if you don't remember who your mother was - as the book stated that lost boys are babies who fell out of their cradles and when they were not claimed within 7 days (hint at incompetent mothers, again) they were brought to Neverland. (By the way, the book says that there aren't any lost girls because girls are too smart to fall out of their cradles. So I guess Sir Walt Disney was the sexist?) That was not what I WTFed about, though. It was the fact that they asked "What's a mother?" or "What does mother mean?" Dafuqqqq.

BTW, the most Google-able dark fact about Peter Pan is that he kills the lost boys when they grow up. Well, that's debatable but it is implied that he legit hates adults.

I have a massive headache now - will write more when I remember. Here is a good read about the sinister side of PP, also where I got the picture from :)